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  • APEC is ISO certified and AS9100:Rev-D Certified companyΒ  founded in the year 2012.
  • APEC is a consolidated contract manufacturing company, with a combination of engineering expertise and precision-machining technologies to serve the medical, aerospace and defense, Semi conductor , Food & drugs industrial markets.Β 
  • We provide Precision component manufacturing services , Sub-assembly services, design-for-manufacturability, prototyping, on-site application testing, technical support, and customized services.
  • We offer you a synergy of resources to reduce your manufacturing costs, optimize the performance of your components and products, and mitigate your supply chain risks. Our operations model, expertize, skilled resources, systems & facilities are strategically developed to optimize your outsourced precision manufacturing & assembly needs.
  • APEC is structured to provide the capacity, flexibility, and scalability you need to succeed.
  • Working with APEC, your business gains the advantage of an expanding range of cutting-edge resources for all your precision-manufacturing needs.
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Million machinig hours
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Robot That Senses Hidden Objects​

β€œWe’re Trying to Give Robots Superhuman Perception”

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